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My Brother, Rob
  My brother Rob is three years younger than me. He and his family live a couple of miles from me in Bowie, Maryland. He runs his own business (RawData) that does programming in all kinds of software that I can't understand. I tell ya, I'm so proud of him. He has contracts with Verizon to fix something or other of theirs and makes *quite a bit of money* doing it. He has a great home with his wife, Lindy, and the kids (Chris and Brit).

Lindy, My Sister-in-Law
  Now, Lindy is a hoot. She's totally funny and has a great personality. She spoils the kids, but what mom doesn't. Lindy works at NASA in Greenbelt, so she has a *really tough* commute everyday.

My Nephew, Chris
  Chris is a big guy. I remember the summer when I didn't see him for a couple of months because work was hellacious. Before the summer, he was about 4ft tall and 50 pounds. When I saw him again, he was 6ft2, 200 pounds, and taller than me!! No more chasing him around the house -- he was chasing me!!

My Niece, Brittany (aka Britty aka Birt)
  Ah, sweet Britty. She ws working at a doctor's office as a receptionist and started working with patients. She was uneasy with the blood part, so she's looking for something else.


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